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LD so sweet! OC, you know! We have shown our dedication to our team and each other. We have attended competitions almost every weekend in rain, snow, or shine and worked hard attending practice everyday. Our diligence has paid off as both of our teams have qualified for the National Step League's Competition in Atlanta, GA. A first place win would be the perfect way to end a successful year. We are trying to raise enough funds for transportation and lodgings in Atlanta. Any and all contributions are appreciated. Thank you!  

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$16,780 Raised since April 30, 2015

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Helps a stepper get into formation


Gets a stepper a bed for one night


Gets a steppers' foot on the bus


Pays half the fee for one team at Nationals

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  • Pearl Mitchell donated - via Alexis McDowall
  • Candacy Jeffrey donated "So proud of you cuz! The galaxy is yours! Love you! " - via Alexis McDowall
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  • Jonelle donated "Good luck!" - via Jasmine Johnson
  • Alexis leveled up to Elite Platinum status by capturing $250 in donations for the club.

  • Alexis became an Elite Gold Funrdaiser by closing the deal with 10 club donors.

  • Kenneth Lugo donated "KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK ALEXIS!!! " - via Alexis McDowall
  • Danielle Cesar donated "Go hard!!!!! Bring home the championship!!!"
  • Brittany Jacobs donated "Good luck to you and the team. Y’all better kill it!!! " - via Alexis McDowall
  • Sterling Phillips donated "We are rooting for you and wish you folks all the best "
  • Merle Mohammed donated "For my granddaughter Alexsis McDowall - my heart!"
  • Camille Chrysostom donated
  • CarolAnn Denton-Fitzpatrick donated "We are very proud of you! Love you!" - via Andrew Hall
  • Odette Martin donated - via Kevin Richards
  • Josette Trotman donated "Good luck!!" - via Andrew Hall
  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Ying Shi Zhang
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  • Shadaeya Green donated "Step on Kevin ! -Sha =)" - via Kevin Richards
  • Yacha Genfi donated - via Jasmine Johnson
  • Krystle Daniels donated "Good luck!" - via Jasmine Johnson
  • Christal Demetrius Demetrius donated "This is from Christal. I’m Margo’s friend. Good look jasmine "
  • ANEKA Williams donated
  • Elizabeth Andre donated - via Jasmine Johnson
  • Julieann Stapleton donated "Keep up the great work! From one Technite to another! " - via Kevin Richards

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